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Welcome to Live Boldly Ministries

Live Boldly Ministries is focused on enabling, encouraging and teaching others how to be intentional and bold in our daily lives.  The passion behind this ministry is to equip through books, video, speaking engagements and prayer.  Nicki Corinne White started this ministry in 2017 with a passion to tell her story and through that encourage others to Live Boldly and be intentional in all we do.

Workbook Update

Workbook Volume 2 Released

Workbook Volume 2.JPG.png

The latest workbook accompanies Nicki's YouTube video series Episodes 16-30

Live Boldly Workbook Volume 1

BOLD Workbook.jpg

This workbook accompanies

Nicki's YouTube video series Episodes 1-15

Exciting News:

Nicki's latest book has been nominated for a 2023 Christian Indie Award


Nicki Corinne has a passion for studying and teaching God’s Word. She has been leading Bible studies for many years and discipling young women. She is very involved in her local church with both children’s ministry and women’s ministry. It is important to Nicki to seek to welcome new visitors to the church and those in need or who are hurting. She has a tender heart for these people. Nicki is always an encouragement to those around her: lending a listening ear or a kind word or a Biblical reminder. Nicki also opens her home to share and serve others through hospitality on a regular basis. She believes we are all called to do this. Nicki feels blessed to have been able to use her story and personal experience to encourage others, and hopes to expand this ministry through her books.

​Nicki Corinne grew up in Snohomish, Washington, with her mom, dad and sister. She was adopted at the age of one with her sister, Lisa, into the Maynard family. Nicki went to college at a small Christian Liberal Arts College in Southern California. She met her husband, Craig, after graduating and was married two years later. They moved to the Central Coast of California, then on to the Bay Area where they had their first three children. Five years later, they moved to Boise, Idaho where their youngest child was born.

​Nicki has worked several jobs, including teaching, merchandizing, administrative work, and various artist projects. She enjoys time outdoors, painting, writing, and spending time with her four children and five grandkids.

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