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Living Intentionally in Today's World

In 2020 when I was being interviewed by radio and TV stations about my book, It’s Not About The Pie, the word “intentional” kept coming up. When you want to show hospitality in some way or reach out to someone, you must be purposeful and intentional in doing so - you have to take that step forward.

It is so easy to just float along in life doing the bare minimum and what is easy for us. To grow, we need to take a risk: move out of our comfort zone. I know so many people who are fearless in their faith. They don’t just do the status quo. They go beyond. I want to do that too. I want to be BOLD.

Each chapter in this book has a testimony from someone who has boldly, intentionally, stepped out in faith, including ordinary people like you and me, people throughout history who did extraordinary things for God, and examples from ancient biblical times.

My desire is that this book will inspire all of us to take that next step where we know God can help us do anything. Like David faced Goliath as just a boy, we too can face giants and be BOLD.


Live Boldly Workbooks
Volumes 1, 2, 3

The LIVE BOLDLY workbooks were created so you, dear readers, could use my video series LIVE BOLDLY for a Bible study, small group, or even just to expand your personal understanding of the topics and dig deeper into the Bible. My goal is for each of you to be able to better enjoy this video series and grow your walk with God.

The video series covers Biblical topics and passages. It also expands upon them with practical application. The workbooks follow along with the video series and adds questions and commentary to make you reflect and meditate.

These workbooks would be a great addition to your Bible study library or small group itinerary.

It's Not About the Pie
A Fresh Look at Hospitality

Are you ever concerned about your role in reaching out to others, hospitality and sharing what you have? I believe hospitality is not a gift but something everyone should do. It does not matter where you live, you can share what you have. There are many ways to reach out to others without having a fancy home or lots of money.

I am so excited about this book. The layout is lovely, in color, with many photos. There is a section with favorite family recipes and home decor ideas. I think that this book will make a great gift for any woman wishing to share with others.  Also included is a section on our responsibility to help those in need and how to be generous with what we are given.


Not Really a Princess

This book is the redemption story of three women: Moma, my sister Lisa, and me. My sister and I were adopted together at an early age and later discovered birth relatives. Our adoptive parents went through difficult years, and Dad died when we were teens. During this time, we had no income and life was difficult.  It was then that we came to know the Lord.

Through years of tragedy God showed us His tender care and compassion. This book deals with loss, poverty, grief, adoption, love and discovery. My hope above all would be that everyone who reads this book will find encouragement and be able to share that hope with others.

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